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moving in Arad

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moving inArad

Moving into a new place is a great opportunity to get a new fresh start in a new environment, and put your life on a new track. But this dreamy moment can easily become a nightmare, if not prepared properly. To make sure you get the most out of this exciting occasion, we gathered for you a list of all the necessities needed when moving in Arad into a new apartment. So take your time and read these tips, it will save you a lot of time and effort during the process (especially if you're moving into your first apartment).

moving price list


quotations for movinging a one-room apartment / studio in Arad ₪600-1200
how much does it cost to moving a 2 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 1000-2000
how much does it cost to moving a 3 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 2000-3000
how much does it cost to moving a 4 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 3000-4000
how much does it cost to moving a 5 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 4000-5000
how much does it cost to moving a 6 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 5000-6000
how much does it cost to moving a 7 – room apartment in Arad ₪ 6000-7000
cost of moving to the home in Arad ₪ 2000-3000
office moving in Arad 500-800 ₪ for a room
moving of penthouses and penthouses in Arad ₪ 4000-5000
moving of villas in Arad ₪ 4000-5000
moving of housing units in Arad 600-1200 ₪

Less Is More

Only when you start packing your "entire life" into boxes, you realize how much things (or may I say garbage) you have. The rule here is simple, the less you will have to carry to your new apartment the easier this all process will be. You don't want to move in Arad extra items, because the less you have, the less you will have to pack, therefore – you will spend less money on carries. And of course – it will be easier and take less time to unload and unpack everything in your new place. It may sound funny, but several weeks before moving in Arad, start gradually using different foods you have stacked, and you know it will be hard or not practical to take with you. Besides that, around the same time, you start "eliminating" your food stocks, start organizing your belongings: Return borrowed items you may have, get rid of stuff you don't use (you can sell them online or donate them), and don't need anymore. And separate items you use on a daily base from the ones you hardly use – it will help you determine what to pack first and schedule your packing order.

Pack It Don't Break It

After you finished organizing your possessions, you're ready to start packing. If you choose not to hire packing and moving services in Arad and pack by yourself, pack everything gradually using the schedule you decided before (first pack the items you rarely use, and leave the ones you need to the end). Moving can include a lot of unexpected costs, to reduce unnecessary costs, we advise you not to purchase boxes. Instead, you can find some good boxes at no cost in every cardboard recycling station (they are usually located next to supermarkets, malls, and gas stations (.
We recommend you on packing boxes by rooms and subjects (writing on the side of each box what it contains and what room it will go). For example; a box of plates from the kitchen will be labeled as (kitchen, plates), or towels from the bathroom will be labeled as (bathroom, towels). Another important packing hack is using the smaller boxes for heavier items (or suitcase with wheels), and the bigger boxes keep for lighter items. So there will not be any box too heavy to carry. Also make sure you pack delicate items such as mirrors or glasses separately, wrapping them with bubble wrap or packing paper (or your towels and sheets if you don't have any other alternatives). To avoid broken dishes, pack your plates vertically, it will decrease their chances to break. Write on all of those particular boxes "fragile" and let the movers in Arad know they need to handle them with extra tenderness. The last tip regarding the topic; take all of your valuable/sentimental belongings in your car on "d day". That way you will guarantee they will not get lost or damaged during the transport in Arad.

Time To Move in Arad

Before you start looking for moving companies, you need to close all open ends regarding your address. Contact your internet and cable companies two/three weeks in advance letting them know you are moving. Update your new address in all the relevant government offices and forward your mail at the postal office. After you're settled in your new place, update all of your other billing addresses like credit cards, medical insurance, etc…
Now that you have everything set, let's look for the right movers. Don't underestimate the importance of investigating and examining different moving companies in Arad. They will handle all of your belongings, and if something will go wrong, you need to know you can trust them. Try to avoid suspiciously low bids. Some movers will try to blackmail you by giving you a very low offer. But then on moving day after they started loading a few of your stuff. They will tell you that you didn't mention to them "you live on the fifth floor" or that "you have so many boxes", and "they can't do the job for the agreed price", trying to push you into a spot you have to pay them more to complete the transport in Arad. That's why it's important to have a written contract with the company about all the details. Specifying all the items they will handle, the locations they're going to take it from and to, the date of the event, how many workers will the job require, and of course the total cost of it including extras you may ask (like unpacking). And most importantly, check the company has insurance that will cover all broken, lost, stolen, or any other damages that may occur to your belongings.

Welcome to your new home

When you arrive at your new house, tell the movers to place the boxes and furniture in their dedicated rooms. It will make unpacking quite shorter. And if we are on the subject, before jumping in and randomly opening boxes create an unpacking schedule, starting with the necessities you need to keep your life running for the first couple of days (you could even pack in advance a special box or boxes with all the essentials needed for your first week). After you have all the basic things necessary to get by, don't try to unpack everything immediately or the look of all the boxes will overwhelm you. Go room by room and focus on one room at a time, so you will not overstress your first days in your new home.

Apartment Moving-in Checklist

Moving into a new apartment can be an overwhelming experience. Between packing, finding the right moving company, and making sure you update your address in all the proper places – the amount of tasks and details you need to cope with is unbelievable. So staying organized and focus is a job that requires preparation and planning. And the best way to keep track of everything and cover all the steps & necessities when moving into a new apartment is by working with a checklist. So here is our "moving into apartment checklist".

Make room in your schedule

Like we said this is a project and should be treated as such. Once you know when you are moving, take a look at the calendar and mark the dates you are free to deal with all the expected missions so you could give them the proper time. Remember it's best to start working on everting at least 2-3 months in advance, so plan your schedule accordingly.

Let's start

Because we are dealing here with a huge assignment, you need to "break" it into small and manageable chores. Our advice to you is to start by going room by room dividing the objects in it. At this point, you could find which items you don't need any more and throw them away (or even better sell or donate them), and return items you have borrowed, but still haven't returned. You should also define "special" belongings you want to exclude from the regular packages. We are talking about delicate or valuable objects you would like to take in your car by yourself. You should put these items aside. After you sorted out your belongings, and you have roughly calculated the amount of equipment needed to be transported, it's time to find the right movers. Be sure to schedule your moving transportation in Arad at least a couple of months in advance, especially during the "hot" season. You don't want to find yourself stuck without a moving company several weeks or days before the big day.

Remember to keep all of your documents and information arranged (bills, lease or purchase contracts, contact information, and your contract with the packing and moving services), create a main location for everything you use and need during this process, so it will always be approachable. About a month before your move you should also start notifying your services providers about changing your new address (that includes: electricity, water, internet, cable, phone, bank and credit card companies, schools, post office, etc). As you see there are a lot of companies to inform, and it can take some time, so don’t wait until the last moment, just to find out you don't have electricity in your new place. This is also the time to start collecting as many free boxes as you can and start reducing the amount of food in your fridge (because it's tricky to maintain food during the transport). At this point, you can also separate your possessions and begin packing objects you rarely use, or ones you sure will not be needed until you move out.

Kicking it into a higher gear

Around 2-3 weeks before moving day, you need to take your packing game to the next level. at this point, you should pack as many items as possible, keep only items you use daily and make a special box for them, that will be closed at the very end. This is also the time to make arrangements for your children or pets. You don't want your children or pets running around in this already chaotic situation, and you sure don't need any extra topics on your mind during this stressful day. So make sure you have a family member or a friend taking care of your children or pets. Clean out your freezer and refrigerator, use any stored food. Make your meals in the next several days from frozen food and cans. So it will be easier to move the fridge.

We are getting closer

By the last week, most of your house should be already packed. Make sure you don't have any laundry left, and if you do, wash it and pack it. Keep only a few clothes for these days. Go room by room and confirm you packed everything. The best way to do it is by cleaning each room. Withdraw some cash for food and extras you may need on moving day. call to the movers and make sure they are still coming and there are no issues. Ensure your mail forwarded to the new house with the post office with follow-me service. Don't forget to check your water, electricity and gas meters in your old apartment, so your old landlord or the new residents at the house could not come with any complaints to you.

Moving day

Finally, the big day is here. This is the hardest most intense day in this journey, so try to stay focused. Be sure to do an inventory of your belongings with the moving team, so nothing will "disappear" on the way. Stick around and supervise they carried all the items and boxes. Do a quick walk-through. Insure you haven't forgotten anything and all whole your belongings are out of the house. Affirm with movers they know the new address and they're going to the correct place. Take their cell number, and give them your number. Make sure you arrive at your new place before the movers (should be easy, they drive a truck). Unlock your new apartment and open all the relevant rooms. Once the movers begin bringing your possessions in, be sure to direct them to the proper rooms. check with the movers your inventory list and ensure everything arrived in a good condition, don't let them go or pay them before you do that. and that's it, or at least the first part of it. now you need to unpack and organize your things. Start with the necessities first: so you could "survive" the first weeks.

And most importantly, enjoy your new house.

moving price list


moving refrigerator 800 liters in Arad 400-600 ₪
moving refrigerator 650 liters in Arad 400-550 ₪
moving refrigerator 600 liters in Arad 400-500 ₪
moving refrigerator 500 liters in Arad 400-470 ₪
moving refrigerator 400 liters in Arad 400-450 ₪
moving refrigerator 300 liters in Arad 400-400 ₪
moving office refrigerator in Arad 400-300 ₪
moving wine rack in Arad 400-350 ₪
moving wine refrigerator in Arad 400-800 ₪
moving mini-bar in Arad 400-1200 ₪
moving built-in gas panel in Arad 400-1000 ₪
moving gas-range in Arad 400-1400 ₪
moving oven in Arad 400-250 ₪
moving wide gas stove in Arad 400-1700 ₪
moving microwave in Arad 400-1900 ₪
moving dishwasher in Arad 400-1950 ₪
moving clothes dryer in Arad 400-2000 ₪
moving vertical washing machine in Arad 400-2200 ₪
moving washing machine in Arad 400-650 ₪
moving narrow electric heater in Arad 400-700 ₪
moving wide electric heater in Arad 400-950 ₪
moving floor lamp in Arad 400-280 ₪
moving torchere in Arad 400-850 ₪
moving fan in Arad 400-900 ₪
moving big air conditioner in Arad 400-320 ₪
moving middle air conditioner in Arad 400-380 ₪
moving small air conditioner in Arad 400-430 ₪
moving table lamp in Arad 400-520 ₪
moving personal computer in Arad 350-600 ₪
moving small tv in Arad 350-550 ₪
moving middle tv in Arad 350-500 ₪
moving large tv in Arad 350-470 ₪
moving music center in Arad 350-450 ₪
moving acoustic system in Arad 350-400 ₪
moving home theater acoustics 5.1 in Arad 350-300 ₪
moving synthesizer in Arad 350-350 ₪
moving electric piano in Arad 350-800 ₪
moving small piano in Arad 350-1200 ₪
moving middle piano in Arad 350-1000 ₪
moving large piano in Arad 350-1400 ₪
moving guitar in Arad 350-250 ₪
moving darbuka in Arad 350-1700 ₪
moving mini grand piano (weight: 250 kg length: 140-155 cm) in Arad 350-1900 ₪
moving cabinet grand piano (small) (weight: 300 kg length: 160-175 cm) in Arad 350-1950 ₪
moving cabinet grand piano (weight: 350 kg length: 180-195 cm) in Arad 350-2000 ₪
moving grand piano (weight: 430 kg length: 200-220 cm) in Arad 350-2200 ₪
moving concert grand piano (weight: 450 kg length: 225-250 cm) in Arad 350-650 ₪
moving concert grand piano (weight: 500 kg length: above 270 cm) in Arad 350-700 ₪
moving sewing machine in Arad 350-950 ₪
moving fireplace in Arad 350-280 ₪
moving dining table up to 4 seats in Arad 350-850 ₪
moving glass dining table up to 4 seats in Arad 350-900 ₪
moving dining table up to 6 seats in Arad 350-320 ₪
moving glass dining table up to 6 seats in Arad 350-380 ₪
moving dining table up to 8 seats in Arad 350-430 ₪
moving glass dining table up to 8 seats in Arad 350-520 ₪
moving dining table up to 10 seats in Arad 300-600 ₪
moving small coffee table in Arad 300-550 ₪
moving glass coffee table (small) in Arad 300-500 ₪
moving big coffee table in Arad 300-470 ₪
moving glass coffee table (big) in Arad 300-450 ₪
moving coffee table xl in Arad 300-400 ₪
moving glass coffee table xl in Arad 300-300 ₪
moving round coffee table in Arad 300-350 ₪
moving stand table in Arad 300-800 ₪
moving nested tables in Arad 300-1200 ₪
moving small computer desk in Arad 300-1000 ₪
moving large computer desk in Arad 300-1400 ₪
moving desk with stands in Arad 300-250 ₪
moving writing desk without drawers in Arad 300-1700 ₪
moving writing desk with drawers in Arad 300-1900 ₪
moving writing desk with 2 stands in Arad 300-1950 ₪
moving writing desk with shelves in Arad 300-2000 ₪
moving small writing desk in Arad 300-2200 ₪
moving small writing desk with drawers in Arad 300-650 ₪
moving corner writing desk in Arad 300-700 ₪
moving large rectangular console table in Arad 300-950 ₪
moving small rectangular console table in Arad 300-280 ₪
moving large figured console table in Arad 300-850 ₪
moving middle figured console table in Arad 300-900 ₪
moving small figured console table in Arad 300-320 ₪
moving folding chair in Arad 300-380 ₪
moving stool in Arad 300-430 ₪
moving dining chair in Arad 300-520 ₪
moving bar stool with back in Arad 270-600 ₪
moving bar tabouret in Arad 270-550 ₪
moving bar stool without back in Arad 270-500 ₪
moving office chair in Arad 270-470 ₪
moving kitchen table-island in Arad 270-450 ₪
moving small kitchen table-island in Arad 270-400 ₪
moving pouf in Arad 270-300 ₪
moving chair in Arad 270-350 ₪
moving tv chair in Arad 270-800 ₪
moving low back armchair in Arad 270-1200 ₪
moving 2-seat sofa in Arad 270-1000 ₪
moving 3-seat sofa in Arad 270-1400 ₪
moving 4-seat sofa in Arad 270-250 ₪
moving sleeper sectional 3-seat corner in Arad 270-1700 ₪
moving sleeper sectional 4-seat corner and daybed in Arad 270-1900 ₪
moving sleeper sectional 4-seat corner and 2 daybeds in Arad 270-1950 ₪
moving 3-seat sofa bed in Arad 270-2000 ₪
moving 2-seat sofa bed in Arad 270-2200 ₪
moving futon in Arad 270-650 ₪
moving folding sofa in Arad 270-700 ₪
moving single youth bed with motor in Arad 270-950 ₪
moving steret in Arad 270-280 ₪
moving youth bed with motor in Arad 270-850 ₪
moving youth bed in Arad 270-900 ₪
moving single bed in Arad 270-320 ₪
moving single bed with drawers in Arad 270-380 ₪
moving single bed with pull out bed in Arad 270-430 ₪
moving 1.5 seat bed in Arad 270-520 ₪
moving 1.5 seat bed with drawers in Arad 250-600 ₪
moving double bed in Arad 250-550 ₪
moving double bed with drawers in Arad 250-500 ₪
moving double bed with lifting mechanism in Arad 250-470 ₪
moving mattress 1 seat in Arad 250-450 ₪
moving mattress 1.5 seat in Arad 250-400 ₪
moving mattress 2 seats in Arad 250-300 ₪
moving single metal bed in Arad 250-350 ₪
moving 1.5 seat metal bed in Arad 250-800 ₪
moving double metal bed in Arad 250-1200 ₪
moving orthopedic net on a single bed frame with a slat base in Arad 250-1000 ₪
moving orthopedic net on a 1.5 seat bed frame with a slat base in Arad 250-1400 ₪
moving orthopedic net on a double bed frame with a slat base in Arad 250-250 ₪
moving сhildren's bed in Arad 250-1700 ₪
moving kids two tier bed in Arad 250-1900 ₪
moving bookcase 12 sections in Arad 250-1950 ₪
moving bookcase 4 sections in Arad 250-2000 ₪
moving vertical bookcase 4 sections in Arad 250-2200 ₪
moving bookcase 8 sections in Arad 250-650 ₪
moving bookcase 16 sections in Arad 250-700 ₪
moving bookcase 25 sections in Arad 250-950 ₪
moving tv stand middle in Arad 250-280 ₪
moving tv stand big in Arad 250-850 ₪
moving nightstand in Arad 250-900 ₪
moving chest of drawers 1 door in Arad 250-320 ₪
moving high chest of drawers 1 door in Arad 250-380 ₪
moving chest of drawers 2 doors in Arad 250-430 ₪
moving high chest of drawers 2 doors in Arad 250-520 ₪
moving chest of drawers 3 doors in Arad 200-600 ₪
moving high chest of drawers 3 doors in Arad 200-550 ₪
moving chest of drawers 4 doors in Arad 200-500 ₪
moving high chest of drawers 4 doors in Arad 200-470 ₪
moving console mirror middle in Arad 200-450 ₪
moving console mirror big in Arad 200-400 ₪
moving wardrobe 1 door in Arad 200-300 ₪
moving wardrobe 2 doors in Arad 200-350 ₪
moving wardrobe 3 doors in Arad 200-800 ₪
moving wardrobe 4 doors in Arad 200-1200 ₪
moving wardrobe 5 doors in Arad 200-1000 ₪
moving wardrobe 6 doors in Arad 200-1400 ₪
moving swaddling table in Arad 200-250 ₪
moving chest of drawers in Arad 200-1700 ₪
moving glass case s in Arad 200-1900 ₪
moving glass case l in Arad 200-1950 ₪
moving glass case m in Arad 200-2000 ₪
moving bookcase in Arad 200-2200 ₪
moving glass cabinet display case narrow in Arad 200-650 ₪
moving glass cabinet display case 2 doors in Arad 200-700 ₪
moving glass-door cabinet in Arad 200-950 ₪
moving glass-door cabinet 3 doors in Arad 200-280 ₪
moving high narrow bookcase in Arad 200-850 ₪
moving low narrow bookcase in Arad 200-900 ₪
moving low bookcase in Arad 200-320 ₪
moving wide bookcase in Arad 200-380 ₪
moving wall mounted shelves s in Arad 200-430 ₪
moving wall mounted shelves l in Arad 200-520 ₪
moving wall mounted shelves xl in Arad 100-600 ₪
moving wall shelves s in Arad 100-550 ₪
moving wall shelves l in Arad 100-500 ₪
moving wall shelves xl in Arad 100-470 ₪
moving wall shelves 2x s in Arad 100-450 ₪
moving wall shelves 2x l in Arad 100-400 ₪
moving wall shelves 2x xl in Arad 100-300 ₪
moving shelf for shoes in Arad 100-350 ₪
moving shoe storage 2 sections in Arad 100-800 ₪
moving shoe storage 3 sections in Arad 100-1200 ₪
moving shoe storage 4 sections in Arad 100-1000 ₪
moving sideboard m in Arad 100-1400 ₪
moving sideboard l in Arad 100-250 ₪
moving plastic bookcase s in Arad 100-1700 ₪
moving plastic bookcase l in Arad 100-1900 ₪
moving plastic bookcase xl in Arad 100-1950 ₪
moving wall clock in Arad 100-2000 ₪
moving floor clock in Arad 100-2200 ₪
moving aquarium (volume: 100 l.) in Arad 100-650 ₪
moving aquarium (volume: 200 l.) in Arad 100-700 ₪
moving aquarium (volume: 300 l.) in Arad 100-950 ₪
moving aquarium (volume: 400 l.) in Arad 100-280 ₪
moving picture without a mat s in Arad 100-850 ₪
moving picture in a frame under glass s in Arad 100-900 ₪
moving picture without a mat m in Arad 100-320 ₪
moving picture in a frame under glass m in Arad 100-380 ₪
moving picture without a mat l in Arad 100-430 ₪
moving picture in a frame under glass l in Arad 100-520 ₪
moving picture without a mat xl in Arad 150-600 ₪
moving picture in a frame under glass xl in Arad 150-550 ₪
moving picture without a mat xxl in Arad 150-500 ₪
moving picture in a frame under glass xxl in Arad 150-470 ₪
moving picture xxxl in Arad 150-450 ₪
moving mirrors s in Arad 150-400 ₪
moving mirrors m in Arad 150-300 ₪
moving mirrors l in Arad 150-350 ₪
moving mirrors xl in Arad 150-800 ₪
moving carpet s in Arad 150-1200 ₪
moving carpet m in Arad 150-1000 ₪
moving carpet xl in Arad 150-1400 ₪
moving cardboard box s in Arad 150-250 ₪
moving cardboard box m in Arad 150-1700 ₪
moving cardboard box l in Arad 150-1900 ₪
moving cardboard box xl in Arad 150-1950 ₪
moving suitcase s in Arad 150-2000 ₪
moving suitcase l in Arad 150-2200 ₪
moving suitcase xl in Arad 150-650 ₪
moving bag s in Arad 150-700 ₪
moving bag m in Arad 150-950 ₪
moving bag xl in Arad 150-280 ₪
moving trainer multi in Arad 150-850 ₪
moving tennis table in Arad 150-900 ₪
moving trampoline s in Arad 150-320 ₪
moving scooter in Arad 150-380 ₪
moving bicycle in Arad 150-430 ₪
moving kids' bike in Arad 150-520 ₪
moving bike trainer m in Arad 600-600 ₪
moving bike trainer xl in Arad 600-550 ₪
moving trainer treadmill in Arad 600-500 ₪
moving trainer treadmill xl in Arad 600-470 ₪
moving dumbbells in Arad 600-450 ₪
moving outdoor table s in Arad 600-400 ₪
moving outdoor table l in Arad 600-300 ₪
moving outdoor table xl in Arad 600-350 ₪
moving glass outdoor table in Arad 600-800 ₪
moving outdoor table with 2 benches in Arad 600-1200 ₪
moving beach deckchair in Arad 600-1000 ₪
moving deckchair in Arad 600-1400 ₪
moving garden chair in Arad 600-250 ₪
moving garden chair 2x in Arad 600-1700 ₪
moving outdoor table in Arad 600-1900 ₪
moving ladder in Arad 600-1950 ₪
moving plastic chair in Arad 600-2000 ₪
moving outdoor rocking bench in Arad 600-2200 ₪
moving brazier l in Arad 600-650 ₪
moving brazier xl in Arad 600-700 ₪
moving potted plants s in Arad 600-950 ₪
moving potted plants m in Arad 600-280 ₪
moving potted plants in Arad 600-850 ₪
moving potted plants l in Arad 600-900 ₪
moving potted plants xl in Arad 600-320 ₪
moving potted plants xxl in Arad 600-380 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (1 section) in Arad 600-430 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (2 sections) in Arad 600-520 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (3 sections) in Arad 1000-600 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (4 sections) in Arad 1000-550 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (5 sections) in Arad 1000-500 ₪
moving closed door wardrobe (6 sections) in Arad 1000-470 ₪
moving wardrobe in Arad 1000-450 ₪
moving wardrobe middle in Arad 1000-400 ₪
moving wardrobe with drawers in Arad 1000-300 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (1 section) in Arad 1000-350 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (2 sections) in Arad 1000-800 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (3 sections) in Arad 1000-1200 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (4 sections) in Arad 1000-1000 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (5 sections) in Arad 1000-1400 ₪
moving low closed door wardrobe (6 sections) in Arad 1000-250 ₪
moving shelving s in Arad 1000-1700 ₪
moving shelving m in Arad 1000-1900 ₪
moving shelving xl in Arad 1000-1950 ₪
moving storage combination with drawers in Arad 1000-2000 ₪
moving glass storage combination with drawers in Arad 1000-2200 ₪
moving corner shelving unit in Arad 1000-650 ₪
moving narrow shelving unit in Arad 1000-700 ₪
moving narrow storage combination with filing in Arad 1000-950 ₪
moving narrow storage combination with filing (glass) in Arad 1000-280 ₪
moving drawer unit in Arad 1000-850 ₪
moving console table in Arad 1000-900 ₪
moving table l in Arad 1000-320 ₪
moving table xl in Arad 1000-380 ₪
moving ergonomic desk in Arad 1000-430 ₪
moving table with storage l in Arad 1000-520 ₪
moving table with storage xl in Arad 800-600 ₪
moving ergonomic desk + console table in Arad 800-550 ₪
moving ergonomic desk with storage + console table in Arad 800-500 ₪
moving table with shelves in Arad 800-470 ₪
moving office conference table in Arad 800-450 ₪
moving office conference table l in Arad 800-400 ₪
moving office conference table xl in Arad 800-300 ₪
moving 2x filing cabinet in Arad 800-350 ₪
moving 3x filing cabinet in Arad 800-800 ₪
moving 4x filing cabinet in Arad 800-1200 ₪
moving 5x filing cabinet in Arad 800-1000 ₪
moving metal cabinets for documents in Arad 800-1400 ₪
moving metal cabinet for documents in Arad 800-250 ₪
moving cabinet (format а1) in Arad 800-1700 ₪
moving cooler s in Arad 800-1900 ₪
moving cooler l in Arad 800-1950 ₪
moving cooler xl in Arad 800-2000 ₪
moving water bottle in Arad 800-2200 ₪
moving safe s in Arad 800-650 ₪
moving safe m in Arad 800-700 ₪
moving safe l in Arad 800-950 ₪
moving safe xl in Arad 800-280 ₪
moving safe xxl in Arad 800-850 ₪
moving printer xl in Arad 800-900 ₪
moving printer l in Arad 800-320 ₪
moving computer in Arad 800-380 ₪
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Anton Skorich
Anton Skorich
אני מבין שבשיחה היו לי הסחות דעת ובשביל זה קמתי וניגשתי למקום יותר שקט אבל זה לא לגיטימי שאני מנסה להסביר את הסיטואציה... שלי ואת הנציגה שלכם זה לא מעניין כי רק השאלות שהיא שואלת חשובים לה, לבסוף היא גם מאבדת את הסבלנות כלפי ומנתקת לי את השיחה, הובלות מיכאל ובוריס שירות מבזה ככה אזכור אתכם. (התקשרתי למספר 0536110890 יצרתי קשר ממספר 7767 בסוף)קראו עוד
Miryam Nitzani
Miryam Nitzani
התקשרתי למיכאל ובוריס והם שלחו אליי מוביל מתחת לכל ביקורת בשם רם...שהרס לי חצי מהציוד שכולל ארונות, חיפויי זכוכית, כלים... ולול של התינוק....עבודה לא מקצועית ולא אמינה זה מחמאה. חוסר אחסון תקין במשאית...וכמובן עבודה בחוסר חשק ובחוסר נעימות שכללה קללות צועקות לאורך כל היום. ההובלה ארכה מעל ל13 שעות ובנוסף לא הסתיימה- לא סיימו להרכיב את הארונות !! וקבלו 800 ₪ מעל מה שסוכם בטלפון. בקיצור לא להתקרב! חווינו מפח נפש... תבררו טוב טוב לפני שאתם סוגרים. המובילים מעבירים את העבודות לקבלני משנה ואתם לא סוגרים עם מי שאתם חושבים...ממליצה בחום לעשות ברור שטח ולהתעקש שהמוביל יגיע לבית לראות את הציוד וגם אתם תראו אותו.קראו עוד
Dor Biton
Dor Biton
תותחים! הייתה לנו חוויה מאוד מאוד טובה איתם! שירות מעולה והכל היה בדיוק כמו שהובטח סופר ממליץ
דניאל לוי
דניאל לוי
שנה של אושר ואהבה שנה של בריאות וברכה שנה של גיל וגאולה שנה של דבש שנה של הידברות והצלחה שנה של ויתור שנה של... זוהר שנה של חברות וחוזק שנה של טוב שנה של יושר שנה של כבוד שנה של לכידות שנה של מנהיגות שנה של נתינה שנה של סובלנות שנה של עושר ועוצמה שנה של פריחה ופינוק שנה של צחוק וצמיחה שנה של קשב שנה של רוגע שנה של שלום ושמחת חיים שנה של תשומת לבקראו עוד
Nurit Sofer
Nurit Sofer
צוות שירותי, אמין, דייקן ומקצועי! מבצע את העבודה בצורה מסודרת ונעימה תוך שמירה על הריהוט והפריטים. ממליצה בחום!!!
אורלי שנקר
אורלי שנקר
יעילים..מקסימים..הוגנים צוות לעניין מומלץ בחום
Maya Cha
Maya Cha
Luiza Beinisovich
Luiza Beinisovich
הדילים דיל
הדילים דיל
חבר'ה נחמדים עם שירות מקצועי ומצוין! הגיעו בזמן שקבענו, הובילו את הדברים בצורה בטוחה וטובה. תודה רבה לכם, שיהיה לכם... המון בהצלחה!!! מומלצים בחום!קראו עוד
Zorik Tis
Zorik Tis
מס' 1 בתחום!!!!! תודה על השירות אין עליכם
Mayan Menahem
Mayan Menahem
מיכאל ובוריס המקסימים!! שירות מקצועי במחיר הוגן, והכל עם חיוך. ממליצה בחום!!
Garry Aizin
Garry Aizin
אולה זלצקי
אולה זלצקי
למיכאל ובוריס תודה רבהההה על הובלה של ספות מדהימים,מעכשיו רק איתכם!!!!!!!!!! עשיתם לי את השבוע!!!
Astar Avrahami
Astar Avrahami
מיכאל ובוריס היקרים איזה צוות מקצועי , אמין ואדיב! הגיעו בזמן והביאו הכל שמור ובחיוך!!! מחירים לכל כיס.ממליצה בחום!!!!
Adi Oren
Adi Oren
Andrey Kor
Andrey Kor
מובילים מקצועיים מחירים טובים כדייי
Dudi Lugasi
Dudi Lugasi
ממליץ בחום. אנשים נחמדים שעושים את העבודה בצורה מצויינת במחירים הוגנים.
Veronika Bren
Veronika Bren
ממליצה בחום על החבר׳ה האלה! מקצועיים , אמינים , ומהירים!
Yifat Dayan
Yifat Dayan
מיכאל תודה על הובלה, מהירה ומקצועית ביותר, במחיר השווה לכל נפש. ממליצה בחום!!
Yonatan Falah
Yonatan Falah
תודה רבה למיכאל ובוריס על הובלה מהירה פשוטה ומקצועית ביותר!מחיר מצויין לסטודנטים ושירות שאין על מה לדבר בכלל. הובלה... ברמה גבוהה ביותר ממליץ בחום!!קראו עוד
زهواني كريم
زهواني كريم
Boris Naftalayev
Boris Naftalayev
Tom Bond
Tom Bond
אחלה חבר'ה, יודעים לעבוד
Eden Mukti Atmo
Eden Mukti Atmo
אלי בלייכמן
אלי בלייכמן
Max Domchik
Max Domchik
חבר'ה מקצועיים ואמינים, שירות טוב, מחירים נוחים לכל כיס, מומלץ בחום!
Yulya Shvets
Yulya Shvets
Artur Shafadov
Artur Shafadov
חברה מקצועניםם ברמה גבוה ומחיר נוח לכל סטודנט ולכל כיס בכלל מומלץ בחום....גם בהובלות עתידיות רק אתם!
Liliya Tsirulnik
Liliya Tsirulnik
Alex Ferents
Alex Ferents
שמחתי להיות לקוח שלכם שירות ועבודה מקצועית!!!
Liron Elias
Liron Elias
Victoria Borisenko
Victoria Borisenko
Inna Jaborov
Inna Jaborov
הביקורות הבאות
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